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Julia from SaltedPasta - Author of the food blog

This cooking blog was created with you in mind! Here you will find recipes with short and simple step-by-step descriptions, photos and videos, so you can easily make even the most complex dishes!

Every recipe:

  • is proven and tested
  • has specific and concise procedural steps outlined
  • has photos at each stage of preparation
  • is available as a video
  • includes a nutritional table and calorie count information
  • includes the exact time of preparation of the dish

On my blog you will find a wide variety of recipes, from cuisines all around the world with a little twist. I encourage you to experiment and modify my recipes and share your photos and thoughts in the comment. I would love to see how these dishes look when you make them.

Feel free to enjoy my tried-and-true recipes for lunches, breakfasts, dinners and more!

Main dishes recipes

Sometimes dinner needs to be ready in 15 minutes and you need a proven recipe. Here you will find recipes like that as well as those that require more time and experience. No worries – there’s a step-by-step video for every recipe!

Soups recipes

In this category you will find classic and traditional soups that our mothers cooked for us. If you are looking for new flavors, you will also find recipes for interesting and exotic soups here.

Snack recipes

Here you will find quick food ideas perfect for parties. As well as for watching TV in the evenings.

Dessert recipes

Depending on what you want and how much time you have. In this category you will find easy and quick recipes as well as more complex cakes that will delight your loved ones.

I have tested and made every recipe you will find here while cooking for my loved ones. The blog also serves as an index of my favorite dishes. That’s why you will also find here my tips and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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