Polish Pączki with Pistachio and Kinder Bueno Cream

Here you will find a recipe for donuts in two versions, one with kinderbueno filling and the other with pistachio filling.
Donuts with kinder bueno cream have been a hit at donut shops in recent years. Donuts with candies, fruit, bars, various creams and butters are becoming more and more popular, and the number of donut shops in large cities is overwhelming (at least in Poland). That’s why I’m presenting you a recipe for modern donuts with kinderbueno cream.
You can use ready-made hazelnut cream (without cocoa). It’s not Nutella (although donuts with Nutella are also great) but hazelnut butter. I use nocciolata cream from Rossman, but you can also order such cream online. It tastes like cream from Kinder Bueno bars. You can also prepare such a cream yourself. Just mix ground hazelnuts and melted white chocolate together.
These donuts are very sweet, but for Kinder Bueno fans they are definitely worth preparing. You can, of course, fill such donuts with plum jam, rose jam or other creams (check my traditional recipe for Polish Pączki with plum butter).
I filled the pistachio donuts with pistachio cream, which you can buy in discount stores during the Italian or deluxe week or in large supermarkets. I bought mine at Auchan, you can find it next to Nutella and peanut butter. You can also prepare such a cream yourself by grinding pistachios and mixing with white chocolate. However, it is difficult to grind nuts into a smooth paste at home, so I use ready-made creams.

You can make both types or just one flavor of donuts with this recipe. Nut creams are quite expensive, so I stuffed the rest of the donuts with classic jam and covered them with icing.

If you don’t want to make as many donuts, prepare them from half a batch.

How are these donuts different from my grandmother’s traditional donuts that can be found on my blog?

  • I use type 550 flour, which is best for yeast dough
  • I add half as much yeast
  • Stuffed donuts rise longer – thanks to this, we obtain a characteristic ring and the donuts are even fluffier.

What is the best flour for donuts?
You can prepare donuts from any wheat flour type 405-550. But the best flour for donuts and yeast cakes is type 550 flour.

Which side should you put the donuts into the oil?
Place the donuts top into the fat first. This means that the part of the donut that was on the counter while rising should now be above the fat and the part that rose nicely should be swimming in the fat. Thanks to this, the “flat” part will now have time to rise and thedonut will be perfectly round.

How to fry donuts with or without filling?
You can fry the donuts without filling and then stuff them using a pastry bag and a special stuffing tip (available online, in confectionery stores or large supermarkets) or fry the already stuffed donuts.

Frying dry donuts does not result in the donuts opening and the filling leaking out, but you do need a piping bag with a special tip. However, filling raw donuts guarantees that each donut will contain as much filling as we want. It’s up to you which option you choose.

How to stuff donuts?
Donuts can be stuffed in two ways, before or after frying.

Before frying:
You don’t need filling accesories. Raw donuts are stuffed similarly to dumplings. Cut out circles from the dough, e.g. with a glass, stretch the dough in your hands and put a portion of filling in the middle, e.g. jam. Glue the prepared donut together, taking care not to create a hole in the dough. Finally, we roll the dough to smooth out the glueing area and set the donuts aside to rise again.

After frying:
Cut out circles from the dough, e.g. with a glass. Then we roll a portion of the dough to obtain a ball and leave it to rise. Fry the risen donuts and when they cool down, stuff them using a piping bag or a pastry bag. For this we need a filling tip. Remember that before you insert the tip into the donut, check (e.g. by squeezing the filling into a glass) whether the filling passes through the tip. When using jams with pieces of fruit, they may clog the tip and the filling will not reach the donut. In this case, you can blend the jam. Then you can easily fill the donuts with it.

Check out how to stuff donuts in the videos below ⬇⬇⬇.

What does a ring on a donut mean?
A ring, i.e. a light line in the middle of the donut, means that the donuts are fluffy and well-risen. A well-risen donut is immersed in fat to about ⅓ of its height, the same when it is turned over, so that a light rim remains in the center that had the least contact with the hot oil.

Below the recipe you will find several suggestions for other donut flavors ⬇⬇⬇.

Donuts contain gluten.
The proportions given below make approximately 30 large donuts or 50 smaller donuts.
Read the step-by-step recipe on how to prepare homemade pistachio donuts and watch the video below the recipe.
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Polish donuts “Pączki” with Pistachio and Kinder Bueno

Fluffy Polish Pączki with pistachio filling or sweet Polish donuts with Kinder Bueno cream? Below you will find a recipe for two fantastic donut flavors! Which one do you choose? Share photos of your donuts in the comment below the recipe 😊.
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Rising 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 40 minutes
Course Desserts
Cuisine Polish
Servings 30 donuts
Calories 434 kcal

Polish donuts with Pistachio and Kinder Bueno Recipe



  • 250 ml milk
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 60 g fresh yeast (or about 20 g of dry yeast)
  • 1 tbsp sugar


  • 1 kg flour
  • 15 egg yolks
  • 50 g spirit
  • 200 g butter
  • 2 tbsp sugar with vanilla or vanilla extract (optional)
  • 200 g sugar
  • 250 ml milk
  • salt


  • oil / lard (for frying)

Kinder bueno donuts (for about 10 donuts)

  • 250 g hazelnut cream (filling)
  • 200 g milk chocolate (topping)
  • 10 candies kinder bueno (topping)

Pistachio doughnuts (for about 10 doughnuts)

  • 250 g pistachio cream (filling)
  • 200 g white chocolate (topping)
  • 20 g pistachios (topping)


  • First, prepare the leaven. Mix together luke warm milk, yeast, sugar and flour. When all the ingredients are dissolved, cover and set aside for 5-10 minutes. Checking that the leaven does not leak out. When using dry yeast, you do not need to prepare the leaven.
    250 ml milk, 2 tbsp flour, 60 g fresh yeast, 1 tbsp sugar
    Mixing leaven for dough
  • When the mixture rises, start mixing the yolks with sugar. When the sugar and yolks turn into fluffy foam, add flour, salt, spirit, milk and the risen leaven. Knead the dough for approx. 10 – 12 minutes. At the end, add the melted butter (be careful not to spill it while mixing) and continue kneading for another 10 minutes.
    The finished dough should be smooth, elastic and easy to remove from the mixer. Air bubbles should appear in the dough. Cover the dough and set it aside to rise, e.g. near the radiator, for about 2 hours. If there is little space left in the bowl, you can divide the dough into portions so that it does not spill out of the bowl.
    1 kg flour, 15 egg yolks, 50 g spirit, 200 g butter, 200 g sugar, 250 ml milk, salt, 2 tbsp sugar with vanilla or vanilla extract
    Making yeast dough for pączki
  • Sprinkle the counter with flour. Place the dough on it, flatten it slightly and cut out circles, e.g. with a glass. Then flatten each circle and stretch it with your hand. Place a teaspoon of filling in the center of each dough circle. Then glue the donuts and roll them on a countertop sprinkled with flour to give them the shape of a ball and to seal the donuts thoroughly (see how I do it in the video below). Cover the stuffed donuts with a cloth and leave to rise for about 40 minutes.
    250 g hazelnut cream, 250 g pistachio cream
    Filling pączki with cream
  • Fry the risen donuts in hot oil (you can also use lard). Fry the donuts until golden – a few minutes on each side. When the oil is well heated, change the burner power to low – if the oil is too hot, the donuts may be burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.
    Place the fried donuts on a paper towel to remove excess fat.
    oil / lard
    Frying pączki on a pan with oil and lard
  • Prepare the toppings. Melt the chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave.
    Pour chocolate over the cooled donuts (the chocolate would flow from hot donuts). You can use a spoon or simply dip the donuts in a bowl of chocolate.
    You can decorate the glazed donuts with candies or chopped nuts.
    Enjoy your meal 🙂
    200 g milk chocolate, 10 candies kinder bueno, 200 g white chocolate, 20 g pistachios
    Icing pączki with chocolate


Watch how to make homemade Polish donuts step by step video.
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  1. Remove the eggs and yeast from the refrigerator in advance – they should be at room temperature. If you can, make sure the kitchen is warm while preparing the donuts, e.g. turn on the radiators for a few minutes. Donuts need high temperature to grow.
    While preparing the dough, you can also heat the flour in a pot, but be careful not to burn it! However, I skip this step.
  2. Ideas for other donut fillings:
  • Raffaello donuts:
     Use ready-made coconut cream or prepare your own:
    – 150 g of Rafaello candies
    – 100 g melted white chocolate
    – 50 g coconut flakes
    Blend all ingredients together until creamy.
    Pour melted white chocolate over the finished donuts and sprinkle with coconut flakes.
  • Pistachio donuts:
     Use ready-made pistachio cream or prepare your own:
    – 200 g pistachios or pistachio paste
    – 100 g melted white chocolate
    Blend all ingredients together until creamy.
    Pour melted white chocolate over the finished donuts and sprinkle with chopped pistachios. You can add macha or green food coloring to the chocolate.
  • Ferrero Rocher donuts:
     Prepare your own:
    – 150 g Ferrero Rocher candies
    -100 g of Nutella
    – 50 g chopped hazelnuts (preferably roasted)
    Blend all ingredients together until creamy.
    Pour melted chocolate over the finished donuts and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts.
  • Kinder Bueno donuts:
     Use ready-made hazelnut cream or prepare your own:
    – 200 g hazelnuts
    – 100 g melted white chocolate
    Blend all ingredients together until creamy.
    Pour melted milk chocolate over the finished donuts and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts or Kinder Bueno bar cubes.


Serving: 100gCalories: 620kcal (31%)Carbohydrates: 79g (26%)Protein: 11g (23%)Fat: 29g (44%)Saturated Fat: 19g (116%)Trans Fat: 0gCholesterol: 164mg (55%)Sodium: 41mg (2%)Potassium: 301mg (9%)Fiber: 4g (18%)Sugar: 37g (41%)Vitamin A: 469IU (9%)Vitamin C: 0mgVitamin D: 1µg (10%)Vitamin E: 3mg (19%)Vitamin K: 4µg (4%)Calcium: 109mg (11%)Iron: 4mg (24%)Manganese: 1mg (36%)Magnesium: 47mg (12%)Zinc: 1mg (10%)Folic Acid: 74µg

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Have you made this recipe?Show it off and add a photo in the comments!
BONUS: See how to stuff pączki using a piping bag!

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