Polish Faworki

Polish faworki

Faworki, chruściki or chrust are the names of popular in Poland fried “cookies” that are popular during carnival. They are easy to prepare and delicious. That’s why they are the No.2 dessert on Fat Thursday, right next to pączki (if you are looking for a great recipe for Polish Pączki, be sure to check out my recipe on the blog😊).

How to make faworki?
When preparing faworki, we use the rule of 100 g of flour – 1 egg yolk – 1 tablespoon of sour cream. Thanks to this, we can prepare any number of faworki.
Additionally, we can add butter, vanilla sugar or extract, powdered sugar, spirit or vinegar to the dough.
The dough for faworki must be well kneaded and compacted with a rolling pin, so they will be crunchy and full of bubbles. Wrap the kneaded dough thoroughly in foil and put it in the fridge for about 1 hour to rest. By cooling the dough, the faworki will definitely be crispy. Then simply roll out the dough, cut it out, wrap it up, fry it and finally sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

How to make traditional faworki? You can go straight to the recipe below or if you want or are preparing these cookies for the first time, read the answers to frequently asked questions and my tips below the recipe.

Angels wings are ideal for people on a vegetarian, flexitarian and pescatarian diet. Angel’s wings contain gluten. The proportions given below make approximately 100 faworki.

Read the step-by-step recipe on how to prepare homemade crispy faworki and watch the video below the recipe.
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Angel Wings (aka. Polish Faworki or Chruściki)

Faworki, chruściki or chrust are unique Polish, fried "cookies". It's hard to even classify them, they are unique and most often prepared for the New Year's and Fat Thursday, a real carnival delicacy. They have a unique shape and unique taste. They must be sprinkled with powdered sugar. No baking powder and no yeast needed.
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Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Chilling 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 26 minutes
Course Desserts
Cuisine Polish
Servings 100 Angel Wings
Calories 24 kcal

Polish Faworki Recipe


  • 400 g flour
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 4 tbsp sour cream
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp spirit 96% Vol. (or spirit vinegar)
  • 1 tbsp powdered sugar (or sugar with vanilla)
  • salt


  • oil or lard (for frying)
  • powdered sugar (for sprinkling)


  • Mix all ingredients until combined (with a mixer or with your hands) and then knead well with your hands for a few minutes. Then hit the dough with a rolling pin/your fists and/or throw the dough on the counter. You need to beat the dough for a long time and hard so that the angel's wings become crispy and bubbles appear on their surface while frying. The dough must be well aerated. I knead and hit the dough for about 20 minutes. After that wrap the kneaded dough in foil and put it in the fridge for about 1 hour.
    400 g flour, 4 egg yolks, 4 tbsp sour cream, 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp spirit 96% Vol., 1 tbsp powdered sugar, salt
  • Place the cooled dough on the counter (DO NOT sprinkle with flour) and divide into 4 parts. This makes it easy to roll out the dough. Roll out a portion of the dough thinly, preferably into a rectangle to make it easy to cut out shapes. The dough should be as thick as a sheet of paper. If the dough is too thick, the faworki will be thick and doughy and will not be crispy and light.
    Using a pizza knife or a regular knife, cut out rectangles or parallelograms from the dough, approx. 10-15 cm long and approx. 3-4 cm wide. In the center of each piece, make a 3-4 cm long cut (along the longer side). Then take the cut out piece in your hand and put the smaller side of the rectangle (or the top of the rhombus) through the hole. Check out how to do it in the video below.
    TIP: If you have already cut out shapes from the dough but the dough is still too thick, simply roll out each piece of dough before rolling it. This will definitely give you crispy angel's wings.
  • Place the wrapped angel wings into heated oil (approx. 180 °C/356 °F). Fry the faworki for about 30 seconds on one side and then on the other until they are golden. When you see that the chruściki is starting to turn golden on the sides, it is a sign that it needs to be turned over. Place the fried angel wings on a paper towel to remove excess fat. Finally, sprinkle the faworki with powdered sugar. Enjoy your meal!
    oil or lard, powdered sugar


Watch how to make homemade Polish Faworki step by step video.
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Serving: 100gCalories: 267kcal (13%)Carbohydrates: 44g (15%)Protein: 11g (22%)Fat: 11g (17%)Saturated Fat: 2g (14%)Trans Fat: 0gCholesterol: 89mg (30%)Sodium: 11mgPotassium: 67mg (2%)Fiber: 1g (5%)Sugar: 4g (5%)Vitamin A: 189IU (4%)Vitamin C: 0mgVitamin D: 0µg (3%)Vitamin E: 1mg (7%)Vitamin K: 3µg (3%)Calcium: 22mg (2%)Iron: 2mg (12%)Manganese: 0mg (17%)Magnesium: 11mg (3%)Zinc: 1mg (4%)Folic Acid: 67µg

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

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Can the caddis cake dough be prepared in advance?
The dough for faworki can be prepared the day before. All you need to do is wrap the dough thoroughly in foil and put it in the fridge overnight, then roll it out and fry it the next day.

Do you need baking powder for faworki?
We do not add baking powder or soda to the faworki. They have to be thin and crunchy, we don’t want them to rise while frying.

What is the best flour for faworki?
Any wheat flour will work for faworki, but the best one is 405-450. Remember to sift the flour so that it will be aerated and therefore the dough will be too.

Why is spirit added to faworki?
Spirit or vinegar is added to the angel’s wings so that the faworki do not soak the fat while frying. Some people notice the sour taste of vinegar in the dough, so I prefer to add spirit. The alcohol will evaporate during frying, so you don’t have to worry about it when eating chruściki.

How to cut faworki?
The dough should be rolled out very thinly, preferably in a rectangular shape. Use a pizza knife or regular knife to cut out rectangles, rhombuses or parallelograms. In the center of each of them, make a slit a few centimeters long. Then put a piece of dough (the shorter side of the rectangle/parallelogram or the top) through the hole you cut out. This way you will achieve the characteristic angel wings shape. If you still don’t know how to do it, watch the video below the recipe.

What is the best way to fry faworki?
Faworki can be fried in oil, lard or clarified butter. The best temperature for frying faworki is 180°C.

How to make the faworki crispy and have a lot of bubbles?
In order for the angels wings to be light and crispy, the dough must be rolled out very thinly. It should be almost transparent. Raw faworki should be paper thin.
The dough for faworki is quite hard and difficult to roll. If you have a pasta machine, it can come in handy while rolling out the dough. It is also worth dividing the dough into several portions – smaller batches of dough are easier to roll out. If you can’t roll out the dough any further, roll out the cut out faworki one at a time before wraping them. It only takes a moment and makes a huge difference.
To make the faworki extra crispy, it is also worth cooling the dough before rolling.

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